Beast mortar

Glue for Thermoblock Bricks


Beast mortar is a high quality insulating mortar specially designed to provide strength and adhesion to walls constructed by pozzolanic thermoblock bricks etc. It is a unique blend of cement, graded sand and blended polymers to effect its high strength and water retention properties. Beast mortar consists of natural minerals that have thermal insulation properties and high stress tolerance. It depends on the properties of zeolite of volcanic origin, which is a natural inorganic mineral from the group of three-dimensional alkaline earth minerals, and other basic minerals of watery earth with high porosity, and the vacuum channels in which reach more than 55% with a size between 2-7 angstrams.


Beast mortar can be used in all building and construction works as a layer of concrete preservative.


Beast mortar is suitable for the construction of all types of heat insulating concrete walls, light cellular concrete and other similar multi-masonry applications as smooth layer one face or end face.

Chemical properties and physical

  • ion exchange
  • The surface tension
  • surface porosity
  • adsorption and adsorption

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Advantages of using Beast mortar



  • Heat insulationSince the raw material for beast mortar (zeolite) is a porous rock filled with air gaps, which amount to 50% of the volume, and the size of the voids ranges between 2-7 angstrams, as the square meter contains 1200 meters of channels and air gaps in which the air is trapped. In turn, it impedes the transfer of heat through it, as static air is one of the most heat insulating materials, as the thermal conductivity, according to the examinations of the Royal Scientific Society, reached 0.270 (watts / m.ᴼ h) (*), and according to the British Standard No. BS EN 1745
  • Moisture resistant The chemical properties of beast mortar, which are surface tension, surface porosity, adsorption, and low thermal conductivity, make thermoplasticizer ideal in resisting moisture as it works unlike other insulators, as it attracts oxygen and hydrogen atoms due to the surface tension property over huge areas. From its crystalline formation due to the porosity of the surface and it re-releases the oxygen and hydrogen atoms when the medium needs them due to the adsorption property. As for other insulators, they close the surface pores, which leads to the formation of moisture on the outer surfaces.
  • Resistance to mold, parasites, germs and bacteriaThe nature of the chemical properties of zeolite mineral and the inability to form internal or surface moisture makes the possibility of the formation of parasites, mold and germs not possible.
  • sound insulationThe adoption of Beast mortar plaster on pozzolana metal, which is characterized by open, multi-surface, rough hair cells with a size of 50% of the total volume, which enables it to absorb most of the sound waves falling on it, as it has a very high sound absorption coefficient, according to the American standard ASTM C423
  • Resistance to stress, cracks, cracks, corrosion and high durability The physical composition of zeolite mineral (pozzalana) with high hardness (4) and its mechanical properties, which are represented by the bonding factor between the silica particles and the property of not shrinking and falling due to the structural structure of the aluminum and titanium units, hydrophobic, and its combination with silicon shows a high resistance to external mechanical influences such as shocks and vibrations and internal factors of landing and And contraction - expansion and contraction factor (000.1)%.
  • FirefightingThe reasons why Beast mortar plaster bears high temperatures is because it contains a large proportion of non-combustible scoria, in addition to the origin of the volcanic mineral zeolite, which makes its resistance to high temperatures ideal, as it enters many uses for metal melting furnaces, stoves, boiler rooms, and fire-resistant buildings, as it has reached the strength of heat tolerance According to the tests of the University of Science and Technology, reference No. (38), it reached 400 degrees Celsius, and according to American Standard No. ACTM E 119-
  • Resistant to mold, parasites, germs, salts, sulfates and oxidation.
  • Excellent workability to allow for longer working periods.
  • Economical costs The minimum amount of use, which reduces material costs.
  • High bond strength, 10 times the normal bleaching.
  • Shrinkage, stretching and slip resistance.
  • Quick setup time.
  • Increases the speed of construction, only 24 hours is required before the next stage such as plaster, paint, etc.
  • Better self-treatment water retention properties.

Increases the speed of construction, only 24 hours is required before the next stage such as plaster, paint, etc. Cost-effective because less quantity is used and waste is reduced. Better self-treatment water retention properties.

Thermostone bricks adhesive
Thermostone bricks adhesive

Explanation about

How to Use


 The blocks / panels / walls must be free of impurities such as dust or other small particles on the surfaces and the walls must be moistened with pure water, with a temperature of 5-35 degrees Celsius when used.


Mixing thoroughly with the recommended amount of drinking water, using a high-speed or hand mixer, allow the substance to react for 5 minutes before application.



Application Tools and cleaning


Apply Beast mortar on all concrete surfaces as a final coating layer with a thickness of 3-5 mm and the thickness can be increased as needed using conventional plastering tools or plastering machines.
It can be applied directly to bricks or concrete, or it can be applied as a final face.

لاصق اسمنتي متعدد الاستعمالات
لاصق اسمنتي متعدد الاستعمالات


Packaging  and Storage


Beast mortar is supplied in plastic bags of 25 kg/35 kg. Store the product in a clean, dry area protected from direct sunlight and extreme heat and cold. Opened bags should be used first. Unopened bags can be stored for 12 months. Use the oldest material first.

Properties Typical

  • A dry, thin-layer, cement-based plaster product with a fine grain grade of 25 microns - 1.2 mm.
  • Plaster for cellular/lightweight concrete blocks and panels and other concrete surfaces.
  • Additives are plasticizing agents, adhesion-enhancing agent and water-retaining agents.

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The product contains cement, avoid contact with eyes and skin for a long time. For more detailed information, study the relevant Material Safety Data Sheet.


Beast mortar should always be applied in accordance with the method given in this technical data sheet. The Company is not liable for any claim arising from non-performance of the product due to improper procedure or use of the product for a purpose not recommended. Please contact the company's technical team for more details on the Beast mortar application


The product is not considered dangerous goods during transportation.


Shelf life is 12 months when stored in dry conditions at normal temperature and humidity.