Brick adhesive specification



Technical specifications of the thermostone adhesive


Packaging  and Storage


Beast block mortar is supplied in plastic bags of 25 kg/35 kg. Store the product in a clean, dry area protected from direct sunlight and extreme heat and cold. It should be stored as supplied, until ready for use. Pallets can be stacked twice as high with care to spare. Opened bags should be used first. Unopened bags can be stored for 12 months. Use the oldest material first.

Properties Typical

  • Cement based, thin layer dry mortar for cellular / lightweight concrete blocks and panels, etc.
  • Additives are plasticizing agents, adhesion-enhancing agent and water-retaining agents
  • Inert filler, finely graded quartz filler
density1.50 kg/Itr
Initial tensile strength1.8 Nmm² - 2007:JS921
thermal conductivityW/M.K 0.26
compressive strength14.3 N/mm² with an average of 28 days
tensile strength6.3 N/mm² with an average of 28 days
maximum application time60 minutes at + 30 ° C
application temperature+5°C to +40°C
Consumptionw 5 - 4 kg / m² for brickwork
Mixing water rate6.5-6 25 kg/L
the colorgrey/white
Storage1 year
Packing35/25 kg
Chemical CompositionThermal CementTio2CAOCa(OH)2MGOFe2O3AL2O3SIO2
Chemical Composition
Thermal Cement

25 liter plastic bags

Surface preparation

It must be free of impurities, oils, dust and concrete admixtures


Mixing is done either by means of a mixer or by hand, according to the rules and according to the following
1 - Empty the bag or bags
2- Add fresh water according to the instructions on the bag (each bag is 10-12 liters) according to the nature of the climate

How to use

Thermoplastic plaster is done either by the usual manual methods or by specialized spray bales after spraying the surface with water manually. 
1 – Demolition
2 – قصارة ناعمة من 0,5 سم الى 1 سم

Spray machine
1 – قصارة ناعمة من 0.3 سم – 0.5 سم ) 
It is sprayed with water 

Drying Time

Solid dry 48 hours
Complete dehydration 14 days 
Full sclerosis 40-60 days
Product shelf life after mixing 45 minutes 
For more information, the prevalence rate of calculus
(5-6) m² per bag (50) kg

Diffusion Rate

 soft plaster

 12 م² لكل كيس 25 كغم/لتر


(120 kg/cm²) after 45 days

Contraction and expansion rate


Thermal Conductivity



250°ᴼ - 3cm thickness

Painting Instructions

To maintain the technical and physicochemical properties of thyroplasty, the following must be taken into account in the process of painting and brushing.
1- Do not use oil-based paints or pastes 
2 - Use only water-based paints and pastes.

Outer Shell


The product contains cement, avoid contact with eyes and skin for a long time. For more detailed information, study the relevant Material Safety Data Sheet.


Beast block mortar should always be applied according to the method given in this technical data sheet. GCI is not liable for any claim arising from product failure due to improper procedure or use of the product for a purpose not recommended. Please contact the company's technical team for more details about the Beast block mortar application


The product is not considered dangerous goods during transportation.


Shelf life is 12 months when stored in dry conditions at normal temperature and humidity.