Thermal adhesive
مقاوم لـ اللهب


Thermal adhesive مقاوم لـ اللهب


Thermal adhesive ready to use on all concrete surfaces, metal structures and corrugated metal roofs. It is an adhesive and fixative for fire-resistant bricks in its various uses in furnaces, stoves, and metal smelting furnaces. It is made of high-performance materials to resist fire and flame.

لاصق الثيرمستون

The Field

  • Fire and flame resistant
  • Frost Resistant
  • Resistant to rust, corrosion and cracking
  • Resistant to stress, cracks, wear, cracks and corrosion
  • Resistant to mold, parasites, germs, salts, sulfates and oxidation
  • Mechanical shock resistant
  • Low shrinkage and stretch factor
  • High performance heat insulator
  • Soundproof
  • Ready to use and fast to apply
  • Eco friendly / does not cause irritation or allergies and does not emit harmful substances

Packing 25 kg / liter

Thermal adhesive

Lab result

نتيجة مختبر لاصق مقاوم للحريق
نتيجة مختبر لاصق مقاوم للحريق
بيتك اقوى ومقاوم لجميع الظروف مع لاصق عازل للحراره
بيتك اقوى ومقاوم لجميع الظروف مع لاصق عازل للحراره


Application Tools and cleaning


Apply Beast block mortar to the lightweight surface using a mortar applicator or roughly notched trowel. 3 mm thick. Place the blocks to ensure a good connection. Check the level and continue with the next block. Excess material is removed with a damp sponge before installation. Clean tools and equipment using water.

لاصق اسمنتي متعدد الاستعمالات
لاصق اسمنتي متعدد الاستعمالات


Packaging  and Storage


Beast block mortar is supplied in plastic bags of 25 kg/35 kg. Store the product in a clean, dry area protected from direct sunlight and extreme heat and cold. It should be stored as supplied, until ready for use. Pallets can be stacked twice as high with care to spare. Opened bags should be used first. Unopened bags can be stored for 12 months. Use the oldest material first.

Properties Typical

  • Cement based, thin layer dry mortar for cellular / lightweight concrete blocks and panels, etc.
  • Additives are plasticizing agents, adhesion-enhancing agent and water-retaining agents
  • Inert filler, finely graded quartz filler

خصائص نموذجية


The product contains cement, avoid contact with eyes and skin for a long time. For more detailed information, study the relevant Material Safety Data Sheet.


Beast block mortar should always be applied according to the method given in this technical data sheet. GCI is not liable for any claim arising from product failure due to improper procedure or use of the product for a purpose not recommended. Please contact the company's technical team for more details about the Beast block mortar application


The product is not considered dangerous goods during transportation.


Shelf life is 12 months when stored in dry conditions at normal temperature and humidity.