Refractory stone and brick

The Field

  • Fire and flame resistant
  • Frost Resistant
  • Resistant to rust, corrosion and cracking
  • Resistant to stress, cracks, wear, cracks and corrosion
  • Resistant to mold, parasites, germs, salts, sulfates and oxidation
  • Mechanical shock resistant
  • Low shrinkage and stretch factor
  • High performance heat insulator
  • Soundproof
  • Ready to use and fast to apply
  • Eco friendly / does not cause irritation or allergies and does not emit harmful substances

Brick varieties and thermal stone


The Information Specifications

A ready-to-use refractory stone used for all types of thermal furnaces, stoves and metal melting furnaces. Made of high-performance materials to resist fire and flame, ammonia silicate, magnesium oxide, silica and some other heat-tolerant minerals.


Data Sheet

Thermal Conductivity0.26 W/M.K
Thermal EnduranceUp to º1450
RisksIt Does Not Contain Asbestos And Does Not Contain Formaldehyde
Eco Friendly
Breaking Strength15≥N cm/²
 Absorptionup to 5%
 المواصفة الدولية- Fire reaction classification A1 according to EN 13501 - 1
- Tested according to EN 13381 - 3 / EN 13381-4 / EN 13381-5
- European Technical Assessment ETA 10/0082
Density1.25 kg m²
Singer ConeASTM C24-01 ASTM C24-09
Linear Thermal Expansion1.0 - %01,0 %
Shock ResistanceMIL-DTL-38999 TIA /EIA-455-71
Chemical CompositionThermal CementTIO2CAOCa(OH)2MGO AL2O3SIO2 Fe2O3
Chemical Composition
Thermal Cement