Ready-made stone ovens
Home pizza oven

Ready-made stone ovens

Wood / coal / gas home pizza ovens The home pizza oven is designed to reach a very high cooking temperature, using insulating materials to build the dome Materials that retain heat for a long time for the base of the oven (the floor) so that the oven retains heat for a very long time after removing the heat source and an outer layer Resistant to water, frost and different weather conditions. It is easy and convenient to clean the floor after use. خفيف الوزن  سهل الحركة توفير للطاقة المستخدمة للنصف.

The oven and floor materials are characterized by excellent insulation, easy to heat, and the oven floor can store heat perfectly.

How to use :

1. Light the oven with gas or ignite the wood directly after putting the wood inside the oven and making the oven hot. to the required temperature.

2. Put the pizza into the oven, the heat inside the oven will make the pizza baked

Data Sheet

قطر القاعدة الخارجي ( الارضية )104*97 سم
inner diameter94 depth by 87 cm wide
Gate height30 cm
Portal view42 cm
dome thickness6 cm
floor thickness8 cm
chimney hole12 cm
The height of the dome from the inside48.5 cm
working temperatureup to 700 degrees Celsius
الوزن التقريبيمن 75 كغم – 125 كغم
base weight115 كغم
Warm up time15 minutes
Thermal stabilityV.Good
chemical stabilityV.Good
UsesTrays / Pizza / BBQ / Zarb / Bread
Chemical CompositionThermal CementTIO2CAOCa(OH)2MGO AL2O3SIO2 Fe2O3
Chemical Composition
Thermal Cement

Its pizza oven material has excellent insulation, easy to heat, and the refractory brick base can store heat perfectly. :-


Put the wood or charcoal into the oven and make the oven hot. Then bring out the wood or coal, of that sort

Of the material has excellent heat insulation and warmth preservation, energy saving.

2. Put the pizza into the oven, the heat inside the oven will make the pizza baked