Green Building Company rushed to set up a mine in order to extract Pozzolana / Zeolite / Tuff, whereas all zeolite sites in Jordan were visited until the selection of Machaerus which is located in Madaba Governorate, since this site has unique characteristics than the other types of Pozzolana and Zeolite, In terms of density, salinity ratio, or the relativity of aluminum silicate salts, High alkaline and porosity in addition to other metals that form the physical and chemical properties of Zeolite. The mining license was obtained by the end of 2012. The company started processing the effective work in 2014, under the name of Minerals Company for Natural Ores. The company also prepared crusher number 7 in order to grind and filter all the granular gradients according to the different needs of all uses as well as to meet the growing factory needs of Pozzolana in addition to ensure the stability of properties.

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What is the volcanic tuff (Pozzolana)?

The Volcanic tuff is a natural extract and product that is composed as a result of violent volcanic eruptions that occurred thousands of years ago, whereas burnt and smoldering rocks and dust, mixed to form a liquid geyser mixed with gases, coagulated in whole or in part as they flew and then landed to the ground and around the crater, whereas, after-ages of time, the process of its compacting and quick coolness resulting in what is known as Tuff / Pozzolana / Zeolite. The volcanic tuff is considered as hydroponics agricultural industrial structural medium consisting of coagulated volcanic foam, interspersed with many air vacuums, some are closed and some are open and connected to the outside air, regardless of the size of the constituent molecules. It is a medium that combines strength and stability, as well as light weight as a result as it contains closed and connected air vacuums. The low density, the large rate of vacuums, its absorption of gases and liquids, atomic adsorption, ion exchange, crystalline stability, homogeneous distribution of vacuums and high surface area shall make the Pozzolana an ideal model for many uses.

Properties Of The Volcanic Tuff

There are many types of Tuff which differ in terms of color, shape and properties. It was necessary to conduct many laboratory analysis and experiments on each Tuff before being used for different purposes, as there are black Tuff, Red Tuff, Brown Tuff and yellow Tuff. There is a volumetric and lightweight gradient that governs the ratio of the extent to which air and water absorption is determined by specific percentages that determine Tuff capability to deal with the medium.

General specifications of the Tuff are as follows:

• It is a stable natural substance that maintains its structure for many years, up to 20 years, without any change, depending on the quality of the used Tuff..
• It is a substance that does not dissolve or liquefy and does not contain any organic material in addition that it is certainly free of any element if it is clean and carefully selected based on scientific methods..
• It is a substance that is viable for crushing, grinding, sifting and gradation as required by the requirements of the specialized agriculture, each according to its needs in terms of size, color and performance.
• It is a lightweight substance with a weight of 650-1050 kg / m3 depending on the size of the unit forming the Tuff medium required by different types of agricultural or industrial crops (soft, medium, coarse).

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