About Us

Green Building Company for Insulating Blocks and Lightweight Concrete is a limited liability company that has been in operation for producing cement blocks since 2007 and registered under number
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Due to the need of the construction sector for the products of thermal insulation and the requirements of green construction, we have established an independent company for producing insulating blocks and lightweight concrete bearing this name as the first Jordanian company specialized in the production of light, heat-resistant and fire-resistant blocks in addition to heat insulating and fire-resistant plastering, Whereas all laboratory tests related to this production were completed, it was approved by the Jordanian Ministry of Public Works.
We, Green Building Company for Insulating Blocks and Lightweight Concrete, with our experience in the production of bricks and light heat-insulating and fire-resistant concrete using the latest methods and modern technology for the production of precast concrete blocks make this product is the alternative option for all precast concrete products.

In fact, our dependence on Pozzolana mine, taking into account that we have our own mine (Minerals Company for Natural Ores), makes the durability of production and consistency of specifications the main criterion in our work and makes it possible to cover all projects, whatever how big they may be.
The Factory
our production technique is based on using local extracted materials (Pozzolana), hydraulic lime and dehydrated lime in addition to other bonding materials, which form the homogeneous mixture to produce the largest natural chemical reaction in addition to the mixing method (solenoid and cylindrical), passing by pressing and shaking method according to homogenous blending standards using the German technology for producing precast concrete blocks, whereas all abovementioned methods shall make this product match similar products, and surpass it in terms of hardness, durability and other specifications, which are found only in the lightweight insulating Pozzolanic block of Jordanian-made Origin.

Our Vision

Green Building Company is looking forward to produce various types of interlock blocks and tiles according to highest Jordanian and global specifications, in addition to manufacture lightweight blocks, which will constitute a replacement shift in the architectural constructions in Jordan. Wherefore, Green Building Company, jointly with expert geologists, hasted to establish (Minerals Company for Natural Ores) with the aim of providing supplies of Pozzolana which forms the basis of lightweight block industry.