الطوب البوزلاني
The Thermo plaster constitutes of natural metals with thermal properties and high bearing for pressure. It depends on the properties of volcanic-origin Zeolite which is a non-organic natural mineral from the three-dimensional alkali earth metals group, and other main watery ground metals with high porous, in which empty channels reaches more than 55% with size between 2-7 g.


It is a thermo and fire-resistant cement plaster which is ready for use on all construction surfaces. Manufactured according to British/ American Standard No.

Chemical and Mineral Properties Of Thermo Plaster
Advantages of Using Thermal Insulation
Selection of Insulation Materials
Benefits of Using Thermo Plaster Thermal Insulation
Fire Resistance
Dampness Resistance
Mold, Parasites and Bacteria Resistance
Sound Insulation
Resistance To Pressures, Cracking, Fracturing, Corrosion and High Endurance
Resistance of Salts, Sulphates and Oxidation
Filtering for Internal Air and Ability to Renew Energy
Environment Friendly
High Adhesion Strength On Various Structural Surfaces
Durability (The Life Span Is 100 Years And More)
Prepare the surface
How to use
Drying time
Propagation rate for coarse plaster
Endurance force
Rate for shrinkage and expansion
Thermal Conductivity
Fire resistance
Tensile flexibility 0.00
Specialized instructions for painting