الطوب البوزلاني

1-Hollow Blocks

The reason why it bears high temperature is due to that it contains a high percentage of silica, and non-combustible and non-Fusible alumina, In addition to its volcanic origin, which makes it resistant to high temperatures of not more than 400 degrees. It is suitable for buildings that require fire resistance. The following table shows fire resistance for different types of blocks.

2-Solid Blocks

The production of fire-resistant blocks manufactured from pzzolana material and what it contains of solid elements such as aluminum silicate, titanium, quicklime and slaked lime and fire-resistant cement as a main bond between the granules of materials, makes it capable of bearing high temperatures up to 900 ° C and suitable for the use of metal melting furnaces, fireplaces, boilers rooms and fire-resistant buildings.
See fire resistance table