الطوب البوزلاني

Ecologically friendly, low level of consumed energy, during production, construction and in a sustainable manner, heat and sound insulator, lightweight, fire-resistant, salt-resistant and moisture resistant, reducing earthquake impact, tolerance level of high pressure, improve operability, capillary resistance, cracking resistance, pressure resistance, Resistance to the effect of alkali, solubility resistance and corrosion, thermal shrinkage resistance, this makes Pozzolanic block the block of new millennium.

General Properties of blocks and Lightweight thermo plaster (Pozzolanic) 

The scientific properties of such type of product, in addition to the fact that it is composed of volcanic tuff material, with advanced technical factors, and using nanotechnology in order to bind molecule during the process of solenoid and cylindrical mixing, to create the greatest possible consistency of materials, Pressure and shaking, Steam Drying Furnaces in addition to the high production capacity, will provide the qualitative shift of urban life in the country, and the alternative model of modern green construction, as this type of block has the following characteristics


Pozzolanic products are manufactured using advanced German technology, which ensures the quality of this product even in final phases, in accordance with the British and American standard or its equivalent of the Jordanian standard. Using Pozzolana in light concrete dates back more than 2000 years ago, as It was used in ancient Rome in amphitheaters, Roman churches and many other buildings can be found till these days. For more than 20 years, it has been proven that the use of lightweight Pozzolana as a substitute for regular heavyweight concrete, Because of its great effect in reducing the reinforcing steel and dead loads to a level of up to the half. The thermal resistance of such type of block is 8 times higher than the traditional concrete blocks. Pozzolanic tuff is an inert and stable element in nature; therefore, It provides long-term solutions for precast lightweight concrete products.


Pozzolana is considered as one of the mineral elements composed by nature for millions of years of volcanic eruptions, which have a high ability to absorb gases and radiations, fragmenting in addition to replacing ions without any change in structural composition, as it is a porous metal whereas the size of porous vacuums reaches 50% of the total volume. Zeolite is considered as the least dense metal among all four-layer silica metals. It includes the alkali and calcite Aluminosilicate metals, in which its crystalline network contains atoms of water that are easily separated and docked, with crystalline system, without affecting it, as Zeolite acts as an atomic sieve. The ion exchange property gives it a unique capability to remove bacteria and prevent its composition or composition of bacteria and fungi in it.


The use of lightweight, high-quality Pozzolanic blocks, and its use in high-rise buildings, commercial buildings, hospitals, schools and places of worship (all buildings of the Great Mosque are built of Pozzolanic blocks) and its residential buildings, complexes, large halls, government and military buildings shall make such buildings green buildings with high resistance of pressure with Constant stability even when climatic conditions change, in addition that it reduces lateral load, dead loads, lateral load shifting and friction angles of buildings and surfaces.

Advantages of Thermo Lightweight BLOCKS (Pozzolanic)

Thermo or Heat Insulator
Strength and Durability
Quality of Indoor Environment
The Ability to Renew Energy
Environmentally Friendly and For Green Building
Reduces The Impact Of Earthquakes: